4 Exotic Destinations To Hold Wedding In Vietnam

It must be said that Vietnam has more to offer its lovers. If the bride & groom are not for the style of the sand and the extreme sunlight of beach weddings. Let’s consider some other suggestions on venues to hold an outdoor wedding in Vietnam. We do not only have a long coast lineContinue reading “4 Exotic Destinations To Hold Wedding In Vietnam”

Destination Wedding Locations In DaNang

Da Nang is a coastal city with a lot of tourism potential and is blessed with beautiful beaches by nature. Along with that, the diversity and professionalism of the venues and vendors makes Da Nang promise to be a booming destination wedding market, which is expected to become the Bali of Vietnam in the nearContinue reading “Destination Wedding Locations In DaNang”

Meet Leanne Summers – Wedding MC and Celebrant in Vietnam

I’ve since found my heart, soul and my sense of humour. Life is simple; The Toe Cutter is gone. She’s now, Leanne, kindness giver, wanderluster and lover of love. Leanne Summers The Perfect Life Before we get to the wedding celebrant part, Leanne told us quickly about her “perfect” life. Within the hospitality sector, Leanne hadContinue reading “Meet Leanne Summers – Wedding MC and Celebrant in Vietnam”

Junebug Weddings – A World-renowned Wedding Magazine

Junebug Weddings is a world-renowned wedding magazine that inspires elegant couples and connects them with the most reputable and trustworthy wedding experts available, allowing them to feel assured to prepare for their wedding. You’ll discover editorial and creative materials highlighting the finest in wedding planning, photography, fashion, and design on the Junebug Weddings websites. InContinue reading “Junebug Weddings – A World-renowned Wedding Magazine”

When The Youth Honors Cultural Beauty Through Vietnamese Antique Costumes

Spring is traditionally associated with festivals and family reunions. In Viet Nam, witnessing trees produce buds is often a sign that a busy wedding season is on its way. Each region’s and country’s wedding customs are a mirror that clearly shows the typical culture of that location. These cultural characteristics are seen through rituals, customs,Continue reading “When The Youth Honors Cultural Beauty Through Vietnamese Antique Costumes”

Three days aboard the Au Co cruise

If you love cruises, this is one you must do. Fairly inundated with photo-worthy views — lush islets, tiny boats, fascinating floating villages — this three-day jaunt with The Au Co is a feast for the eyes. As is the vessel itself. With its pristine white hull and delicate lines, The Au Co is aContinue reading “Three days aboard the Au Co cruise”

Top 5 outdoor wedding photography locations in Hanoi

Younger generation nowadays are in trend of taking pre wedding photos outdoors since it helps pictures look good with more vibrant colors, also taking time outside and having pictures together would make nice memories for retaining. And Hanoi, with its old, soft qualities, and traditional values is one of the best places to begin thisContinue reading “Top 5 outdoor wedding photography locations in Hanoi”

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism officially launched the page “Live Fully in Vietnam”

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has hampered the growth of Vietnam’s tourist business during the last two years. However, in order to enhance Vietnam’s tourist image and provide the most up-to-date information about Vietnamese tourism to foreign friends amid the current complicated epidemic, Vietnam.travel was born with the role as the official tourism websiteContinue reading “The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism officially launched the page “Live Fully in Vietnam””

Releasing Wedding Industry Specialized Website

The WSEN website is launched with the purpose of establishing a worldwide network about the wedding industry in general, weddings associated with tourism in particular, and other special events… The website is aimed at businesses and individuals working in the wedding service industry, events; customers, especially foreign customers who visit Vietnam and want to learnContinue reading “Releasing Wedding Industry Specialized Website”