Some wedding favor ideas in bold Vietnamese vibe

In recent years, giving gifts to guests on the wedding day is no longer an uncommon  concept in Vietnamese weddings. The thank you gifts after the wedding will represent the gratitude of the bride and groom for the distinguished guests when attending the wedding. Wedding gifts for guests are becoming a beautiful image in theContinue reading “Some wedding favor ideas in bold Vietnamese vibe”

Accelerate The Implementation Of Vietnam’s International Cultural Strategy For 2022-2026

With the trend of multilateralization and diversification of international ties in recent years, Vietnam’s cultural interactions with foreign nations have gradually developed. Furthermore, activities such as performing arts, book exchange, film exchange, exhibition, research, and education are being increased and encouraged between Vietnam and the rest of the globe. Many bilateral and multilateral international treatiesContinue reading “Accelerate The Implementation Of Vietnam’s International Cultural Strategy For 2022-2026”

The wedding in VietNam

1/ Wedding in Vietnam For more than a quarter of the twentieth century, Vietnam to the world evoked a series of wars. In fact, with a history spanning over 4,000 years and a population composed of 54 different ethnic groups, Vietnam has a very rich culture. One can find hundreds of books and research, VietnameseContinue reading “The wedding in VietNam”