Some wedding favor ideas in bold Vietnamese vibe

In recent years, giving gifts to guests on the wedding day is no longer an uncommon  concept in Vietnamese weddings. The thank you gifts after the wedding will represent the gratitude of the bride and groom for the distinguished guests when attending the wedding. Wedding gifts for guests are becoming a beautiful image in the wedding culture in our country. This type of gift is usually in the form of pretty little souvenirs. The bride and groom will hand-deliver this reciprocal gift to the distinguished guests on the big day.

Usually, there are common gifts given after party such as chocolate, fruit cake, etc. However, for the bride and groom who have a love for Vietnamese culture, the gifts will become more special, because it is like an indirect way of spreading cultural beauty subtly to everyone, so that everyone can feel it themselves. Moreover, with a country with various traditional beauties being valued like Vietnam, traditional items will always be appreciated. Besides, in the Vietnamese wedding party, there is also the presence of the elders in the family so that wedding gift ideas from highly traditional objects will be more suitable.

1. Natural health/body care products (loofah peels / soap bars / scented candles …)

This is one of the ways to send greetings and care to your loved one, especially after the pandemic, keeping hygiene and health is very concerned. Usually natural gifts are loofah peeling pads, scented candles or handmade soaps. And to be as natural as possible and no less cute, a box can also be made from natural materials such as bamboo to protect the environment. This will be a great choice for couples when giving gifts to guests.

Body care products package
2. Vietnamese Coffee

In recent years, Vietnam has increasingly made a beautiful impression in the eyes of international friends with its unique cultural and tourism products. In particular, the coffee culture of Vietnam is having a strong and attractive spread.​​​​​​ Coffee is considered a drink that is both delicious and helps to keep the spirit awake at work. Giving away some coffee beans wrapped in kraft paper bags or cloth bags is really not a bad idea. The complex aroma of coffee beans when opening the gift package will surely make guests unforgettable about the memory of an impressive wedding party.

Coffee bag
3. Lacquer chopsticks are used as both luxurious and practical gifts

Vietnamese people often joke that they like usable gifts. It sounds pragmatic, but sometimes, gifts that are too symbolic will not make people remember the giver much. If you want people to remember your wedding a lot, give them items they can use often. Then, every time they use or see it, they will remember your wedding.

4. Regional specialties: Hanoi nuggets, Bat Trang potter, Soc Trang pia cake, Thai Nguyen tea, Tay Nguyen coffee,…

In addition, the bride and groom can also choose special dishes from their own hometown as a thank you gift for guests. Sending wedding favors that are from the most delicious gifts and specialties of the homeland is a suggestion not to be missed. Especially for foreign guests, enjoying Vietnamese specialties is one of the most attractive and interesting points for them.

Lotus tea
Coffee bean

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