5 Activities That You Can Prepare Wedding Yourself

If you are eager and have a long time to prepare your own wedding, you can try the following:

1. Ask friends for help: friends will definitely be excited to hear from you, let’s see who among them can take pictures, MC, decorate, make up, run logistics, or host a game… and ask them to participate in your wedding.

2. Prepare wedding stationery on your own: including invitations, congratulatory cards, save the date, thank you letters,… which you can prepare yourself in the form of online blueprints, or handwritten letters and sent to the guest. This design can be your own drawing, self-design with bold personal colors and save costs.

3. Hold a picnic or a date for only two of you: this is probably the rare remaining private time of two people before officially coming to the same house, you try to remember during the time of love, what do you want to do but have not done? Or simply, the two of you go on a picnic, go make pottery to bring home decoration, or go somewhere a little far away to restore your spirit, mind and spend a full time together. It is possible to combine taking pre wedding photography on this trip.

4. Decorate wedding space: find ideas, implement details and immediately start carrying on. You can do it with the one, with a few friends or with the help of a family member, each person has joined hands to decorate together. This is also an opportunity for you to make the most of what you already have before buying new ones and realizing your own wedding ideas

5. Prepare guest’s favors by yourself: Sweet things can still happen thanks to small gifts at the end of the party. That gift is your heart to thank and appreciate the presence of the guest coming to your wedding ceremony. They could be a light meal, seeds, potted plants, cookies, a bunch of herbs, or simply a thank you card penned by yourself.

In the same time, there are risks like you may meet such stresses as below when deciding to prepare wedding by your own

  • Pressure…to meet deadlines: firstly, looking at everything in general, are you sure everything can be ready 2 weeks before the wedding day?
  • Pressure from the expectation that you set for yourself, about the guest experience that you want will happen.
  • Pressure from some maybe arising situations such as missing items, damaged items during transportation, problems while making the gift (burns, 502 sticks to hands, fire, damage, exhaustion,…), unexpected weather,…

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Photo: Quỳnh Tabii

Published by Wedding & Special Event Network Vietnam

The Wedding & Special Event Network Vietnam is founded by an advisory board to establish and uphold the standards of all Wedding & Special Event Planners in Vietnam. Our mission is to support and education to wedding and event planners by promoting their business and connecting them with professional partners and clients across Vietnam.

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