The First Wedding Gameshow In Vietnam “CƯỚI HỎI”

For the first time appearing in Vietnam, “CƯỚI HỎI” is a gameshow program that shares all interesting information about the wedding industry. The program wishes to become a place to “decode” the questions of young people who are learning about the wedding industry or couples planning to get married in the near future. Starting at the beginning of December 2021 with a series of campaigns to change ava, cover on the social networking platform Facebook, until now “CƯỚI HỎI” has made a strong impression on the wedding industry community in general and young people on social media, in particular.

With a methodical and professional organization plan and a thorough preparation process, gameshow “CƯỚI HỎI” not only focuses on professionalism but also communication and branding promotion elements. The program promises to bring sponsors the opportunity to maximize access to new customers, domestic and foreign partners. Through the program’s own media channels, gameshow “CƯỚI HỎI” will attract a large number of followers on diverse platforms such as Fanpage, Youtube, Instagram and Independent Website.

Accessing the “CƯỚI HỎI” fanpage, it can be seen that the audience is mainly young people, when content shared that is humorous, entertaining but equally charming. At the same time, “CƯỚI HỎI” shows a clear understanding of the concerns and psychology of the audience and customers in participating or choosing to organize a wedding.

Along with the interest from the audience, the program is also supported and sponsored by a large number of partners and sponsors in the service industry, the wedding industry, with the presence of prestigious wedding service businesses like: Forart Wedding Film, Sheraton Hanoi Hotel, Venta Bespoke. The “CƯỚI HỎI” gameshow has now completed the filming and editing phase in Hanoi, and in the process of making program in Ho Chi Minh City as planned.

The organizer has shared some behind the scenes photos of the filming set for the first episode in Hanoi. “Emotions can only be summed up in one word: excited” is shared by the organizing team. The program is expected to be posted before the Lunar New Year – the time when everyone gathers with loved ones, feel at ease and the “CƯỚI HỎI” gameshow will be a light entertainment show that is suitable for this moment.

In short, with the resurgence of the wedding industry, the “CƯỚI HỎI” gameshow promises to bring useful and unique knowledge that you definitely should not miss during this Lunar New Year 2022!

Photo: CƯỚI HỎI Gameshow

Fanpage: CƯỚI HỎI –

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