Eco-friendly Wedding

With the development of industrialization and modernization, along with the convenience and  easiness of human life, modernization causes increasingly serious pollution to the environment. Facing this situation, around the world are making efforts to call for the community to join hands to protect the environment, starting with Eco – friendly products to replace plastic and nylon products… The use of Eco – friendly products is contributing to a healthy lifestyle, creating the trend of green living.

 Currently, many green living concepts such as Eco – friendly lifestyle, Eco – friendly products are gradually becoming close to everyone. And, the concept of green living is no longer limited, it has expanded with the addition of Eco – friendly weddings. Eco – friendly wedding aims at weddings that are held in the least environmentally harmful way possible, especially suitable for wedding forms such as Destination wedding, DIY wedding,…

Specifically, Eco – friendly weddings will focus on wedding decoration, mainly being decorated with flowers and plants. In accordance with the spirit of eco-friendly, flowers used are in preference to local flowers, with less labor and energy in transportation, and raw materials such as millet cotton (foxtail grass) and barnyard grass are effectively widely used. Besides, Eco-friendly still needs to follow 5R principles:

  • Refuse: refuse to use materials that are harmful to the environment such as plastic, nylon,…
  • Reduce: minimize the use of required materials. For example, try to reduce the amount of flower arrangement foam, increase the use of green plants without the need for flower arrangement, decorate the amount of flowers and leaves just enough for the spirit of the party
  • Reuse: reuse decorative materials as well as plants many times
  • Recycle: innovative application of material recycling in decorative items
  • Rot: to completely decompose flowers and leaves, can be used as fertilizer for plants

For personalized weddings, the soon-to-be bride and groom or suppliers being advised to choose to use a large amount of leaves, house plants, can be decorated with suitable decoration such as hanging asparagus, tiger tongue, betel nut, sword fern… and reuse available materials. Some suggestions for saving and protecting the environment: using mulch materials that are coconut coir and dry moss, tigon flower vine, other climbing plants that are easy to find or borrow from neighbors and friends.

Eco – friendly wedding is still a new trend today, because not many couples are really qualified to pursue it. However, the eco-friendly wedding form will make the wedding unique and creative with new and innovative styles. Moreover, the form of Eco – friendly party will also indirectly convey the message of green living to everyone, as well as organizing a “green wedding” will make a significant contribution to reducing waste, because no one wants their big event bringing any negative affect to the surrounding environment at all.

Published by Wedding & Special Event Network Vietnam

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