Vietnamese Wedding music are popular in 2021

Three out of six videos leading the list of most trending music videos on YouTube in Vietnam in the period of the end of the year 2021 are three wedding-themed songs, which boast millions of views.

Of the three songs, “Yeu La Cuoi” (Love Is Getting Married) by singer Phat Ho X2X is the second most trending MV in Vietnam.

“Cuoi Thoi” (Let’s Get Married) by singers Masew, Masiu, B Ray, and TAP, is in third position after earning more than seven million views, while “Thuong Nhau Toi Ben” (Love Each Other A Lot) by Nal is the sixth most trending this week, with more than 10 million views.

“Cuoi Thoi” (Let’s Get Married) – by singers Masew, Masiu, B Ray, and TAP

Nal, a 24-year-old from southern Dong Thap Province, is one of the most successful singers of wedding-themed songs in the last few months. He previously released a song with a similar topic named “Roi Toi Luon” (Oh Go Ahead), attracting more than 71 views on YouTube.

On short-video platform TikTok, “Roi Toi Luon” has appeared in more than 500,000 videos, and is still on trend.

Wedding music with catchy melodies and lyrics that are familiar to people in Mekong Delta area has always been popular among Vietnamese netizens. But in the social distance period, with local artists not releasing new MVs due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, these songs have regained the spotlight.

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