Accelerate The Implementation Of Vietnam’s International Cultural Strategy For 2022-2026

With the trend of multilateralization and diversification of international ties in recent years, Vietnam’s cultural interactions with foreign nations have gradually developed. Furthermore, activities such as performing arts, book exchange, film exchange, exhibition, research, and education are being increased and encouraged between Vietnam and the rest of the globe. Many bilateral and multilateral international treaties on cultural agreements, cultural heritage, copyright, and associated rights have been negotiated with governments and international organizations. Many cultural cooperation initiatives have been conducted effectively.

Since naming cultural diplomacy being one of the three primary pillars of Vietnamese diplomacy, it has generated numerous chances for in-depth communication with civilizations all over the globe while also introducing remarkable values and features of Vietnamese culture. Many large-scale international cultural exchange and cooperation activities have been held in recent years, and Vietnam has produced a positive impact while present and participating in high-quality and prestigious cultural events. The largest exhibitions in the world, such as EXPO Milan 2015, EXPO Astana 2017, and EXPO Dubai 2020. International art and photography exhibits in Vietnam, as well as exhibitions by Vietnamese artists in other countries, perform an excellent job of promoting culture, country, and people in order to develop mutual understanding and collaboration between Vietnam and other nations.

Traditional Vietnamese art performance at Dubai EXPO 2020
Photo: Nam Nguyễn

In the period 2022-2026, with the goal of improving the quality and efficiency of Vietnam’s foreign cultural work, and turning culture into an endogenous force, promote the aspiration to develop a prosperous and sustainable country, combine the strength of the nation with the strength of the times, strengthen exchanges, understanding, and friendship between the people of Vietnam and the people of other countries, making an important contribution to enhancing Vietnam’s position and prestige in the international arena, Vietnam has launched the “Strategy for international culture of Vietnam in the period of 2022 – 2026”. The strategy focuses on:

  • Spread and perfect propaganda, develope knowledge of the place and significance of culture in general, particularly foreign cultures, as well as the strategy’s beliefs and aims. Vietnam’s foreign culture is evolving in response to globalization and international integration trends.
  • Strengthen conservation, preservation and promotion of cultural and human values, promoting the national image abroad in various forms and modes of expression such as Day/Week Culture, Culture Festival – Vietnam Tourism, performing arts activities, cinema, cultural heritage, fine arts, photography and exhibitions, ethnic sports, closely associated with investment promotion, trade, tourism, people-to-people external activities such as people-to-people friendship festivals/meetings, promotion of world titles, regional and international awards, honoring celebrities, Vietnamese national hero… Strengthen Vietnam’s presence at regional and international events such as EXPO World Exhibition, Olympic Games, international film festivals, international travel fairs, major international sports events, international book fair…
  • Promote communication and promotion on mass media, digital platforms, social networks, exchange of reporters, press, cooperation with international film crews, and actively integrating into the world.
  • To further promote the role of foreign cultural work at important multilateral mechanisms and forums such as UNESCO, ASEAN, ASEM, IFACCA…
Art show “Endless Flow” at EXPO 2020 Dubai (UAE).

Thus, the cultural strategy in the next period will serve as a bridge for Vietnam to build an amazing image in the eyes of worldwide friends while also promoting the world’s attraction to Vietnam in the direction of positive, active.

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