Junebug Weddings – A World-renowned Wedding Magazine

Junebug Weddings is a world-renowned wedding magazine that inspires elegant couples and connects them with the most reputable and trustworthy wedding experts available, allowing them to feel assured to prepare for their wedding. You’ll discover editorial and creative materials highlighting the finest in wedding planning, photography, fashion, and design on the Junebug Weddings websites. In addition to the unique ideas available at Junebug Weddings, you can also view stunning wedding images from across the world.

The contest is a unique aspect of Junebug Wedding in comparison to other magazines. The “Choice Award,” which has been held since 2014, is one of the most prominent competitions to select the greatest weddings in the world for categories such as Favorite Wedding, Favorite Elopement, Favorite Floral Design, Favorite Fashion, Favorite Video, and Favorite Moment. The Junebug team will release the categories, along with the requirements for each category and the registration period, in order to bring exceptional works to the public. Following the announcement of the contest’s schedule and categories, the top 5 contestants’ works will be presented on the Junebug Wedding website for the audience to vote on. During the voting period, the audience can vote for their favorite nomination in each category once a day.

Aside from the Choice Awards, Junebug Wedding has made the “Instagram Awards” a highlight of their own. The award was established to recognize unique Instagram accounts in many aspects of the wedding business. The style and award procedures are similar to Choice Awards, but the distinctive feature of Instagram Awards is that the categories will be extended, inviting a big number of candidates to compete.

Many units and organizations in the wedding business in Vietnam participated in the Choice Awards, all with the same ambition to provide wonderful wedding works to the public. “Stylish and Wildly Romantic Adventure Elopement in Vietnam”, “Remote and Rustic Vietnamese Elopement at Ham Lon Mountain,” and “Jaw-Dropping Elegant Tropical Wedding Inspiration” are a few examples of amazing works.

Remote and Rustic Vietnamese Elopement at Ham Lon Mountain
Photo Tu Nguyen Wedding | Planner Hatmem

The masterpiece “True Epic Tropical Bohemian Vietnam Elopement at Bai Tho Mountain”, however, is the most remarkable. 

The Junebug Weddings newspaper chose images with the criterion “emphasizing the beauty of the scenery while accentuating the love” from over 5,000 submitted to the contest. This is an image taken by photographer Phan Tien at Bai Tho Mountain in Quang Ninh, which was recognized by the aforementioned wedding website in the category of “Best Destination 2018”, one of the categories presented as part of the tournament. The photograph depicts a sweet kiss between two young persons, Phong and Hoang, that overcomes any gender limits. “The crucial element about a shot is its spirit”, says Carrie Schwab, editor-in-chief of Junebug Weddings. “We appreciate photos with a blend of scenery and love in this contest.” 

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