When The Youth Honors Cultural Beauty Through Vietnamese Antique Costumes

Spring is traditionally associated with festivals and family reunions. In Viet Nam, witnessing trees produce buds is often a sign that a busy wedding season is on its way.

Each region’s and country’s wedding customs are a mirror that clearly shows the typical culture of that location. These cultural characteristics are seen through rituals, customs, music, art, and, most notably, traditional clothes. When it comes to traditional wedding attire in Viet Nam, many people think of Áo Dài, the traditional clothing renowned around the world as Vietnamese national garment. In the traditional wedding procession, all Vietnamese brides wear Áo Dài. What belongs to that heritage has been conserved, nurtured, and reinvented by the Vietnamese over the years, and has been integrated into the current life. In recent years, the trend of couples hunting for clothes reconstructed in the ancient style, with cultural worth dating back several hundred years, has grown in popularity.

The choice of ancient clothing for Mr. Thinh and Mrs. Thao’s pre-wedding photos (now residing in Tam ky city, Quang Nam province) was made by chance, with no prior planning. In details, Mr. Thinh, who is a reporter at Quang Nam Television Station, went on a reporting trip to the TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An Resort. The concept for creating a clip to promote Vietnamese cultural identity between TUI BLUE and Vietnamese ancient costumes made by Van Hien Joint Stock Company was conceived at this time. Fortunately, it was also time to plan Mr. Thinh and Mrs. Thao’s wedding, so the two of them were invited to participate in this particular wedding photo shoot. TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An is well known for being a resort that frequently attracts tourist groups, particularly Western travelers. They were constantly interested in learning more about the local cultural identities of Asian nations. About Y Van Hien, it is a group of young, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic employees who work together to conduct in-depth research into the fields of art which include literature, music, architecture, painting, sculpture, costumes, cuisine, and traditional ceremonies in the royal court as well as folklore, and then restore them to commercialize, serve tourism, and the community.

Y Van Hien takes time and resources on remake and meticulously sews the ancient garments. Everything, from fabrics to textures, has been deliberately and thoughtfully invested in. Mr. Thinh – Ms. Thao attracted considerable interest from family and friends right after uploading wedding images with old clothing. For them, photographing and recording their wedding with Vietnamese antique costumes is a wonderful and memorable experience, not only because it is an important day in a lifetime, but also a chance to promote and to show off the beauty of Vietnamese traditional clothes.

The antique garments convey beauty and elegance while also capturing the spirit of the Vietnamese people in the past. Another fascinating fact is that the married couple wore three different clothes during the process of planning and organizing the wedding. Bridal photography with Nhat Binh, Áo Dài with a turban on head in the procession ceremony and a vest and white wedding gown on wedding day. The outfits are changed throughout the wedding photos, ceremony, and reception, which contributes in our couple the impression that they are strolling along a timeline, from the past to the present. It is similar to a cultural exchange. Thus, it is a fascinating experience that not everyone would get the opportunity to have.

Mr. Thinh also stated that it is the obligation of all Vietnamese, especially young people, to preserve and promote the nation’s historic cultural identity. A nation wishes to preserve its identity; along with language and literature, clothing also plays a significant role in defining the country’s image in the eyes of worldwide friends. Aside from the Ao Dai, Viet Nam needs to revive many of the dynasties’ traditional clothes so that young people may learn about history, and most importantly, to spread beautiful photographs of Vietnamese old garments throughout the world.

Photo KT Marry Studio

The article is written by WSEN and published on VIETNAMToday

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