The International Wedding Photographer of the Year

The International Wedding Photographer of the Year (IWPOTY) competition is designed to promote and celebrate wedding photography across the world. IWPOTY, which was first held in 2017 in Australia, exhibited the work of wedding photographers from all over the world and has established the new standard for wedding photography contests worldwide. It continues to grow and expand, adapt with the ever-changing environment of the wedding business. Canon Australia is the award’s 2021 major sponsor, and category sponsors Atkins Lab, Pic-Time, Pixellu, Narrative Select, Raw Digital Lab… There are other reward categories in the contest, including Epic Location, Couple Portrait, Dance Floor, Single Capture, and so on.

All photographers are eligible for the IWPOTY Awards. By joining the contest, photo takers consent to the contest’s terms and conditions. To register, candidates simply upload photographs to the official website – An assigned judge will assess the entries. Each entry will be assessed by six distinct judges, and the final score will be calculated by averaging six points.

The category winner is determined by the best final result in each category. The 15 top scoring pictures from each of the 9 categories will be re-evaluated by 6 judges into a new collection, and The International Wedding Photographer of the Year Award will be given to the photographer with the highest score shot among 135 photographers. The particular entry The photo with the second best score out of 135 submissions will be the runner-up. Furthermore, the top 15 finalists in each category will be displayed on the website and will be awarded a Finalist Badge.

Image: International Wedding Photographer Of The Year | 2021 Winner

IWPOTY 2021, which recently reached its fifth year of operation, has collected 1,500 works from 415 fake photographers from 58 nations around the world to compete in 9 categories. And the winner this time is Italian photographer Fabio Mirulla, whose black and white shot of the bride changing clothing is deemed “ideal”. The snapshot depicts the bride getting ready for the wedding while not wearing a bridal gown; at the time, the image of the lamp resembled the bride’s wedding gown. Fabio Mirulla’s images were well-structured, showing enjoyment, serenity, and refinement, according to the judges. When combined with a black and white filming approach, you may strike a balance between originality and narrative.

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