The popularity of Jungle Wedding has surged recently. People are enamored with the wild, natural environment that surrounds the celebration. People in Vietnam, in particular, easily adopt the idea after witnessing or researching fascinating Western weddings in the woods.

What is appealing about jungle weddings? 

  • Intimate Wedding 

The forest is an ideal location for an intimate wedding. Imagine walking into a wood filled with flowers and every one of your loved ones.

  • DIY 

You can create your own entrance and motif for your wedding when white isn’t the main color anymore. You meticulously painted your own wedding, down to the last detail. You can have a romantic and ethereal entrance path with yellow light.

  • Diverse bouquet

There is no need to go into the jungle with roses, orchids, or lilies. With other types of typical bouquets, it’s still outstanding. Isn’t it nice to be distinguished?

  • Film / photoshoot

With the forest as the backdrop, it would be a sin not to capture your wedding, which is your once-in-a-lifetime event. This section has a lot of ideas. You can still create your own theme or discuss your ideal wedding photoshoot with the photographer.

Besides, there are parts you need to consider before choosing jungle as your venue. 

  • Permission 

If you want to throw a party in the jungle, be sure you get permission first. Otherwise, you might get caught. The authority will not be overly strict, but you must communicate your plans properly.

  • Finance

Decorating and organizing the entire wedding planning process outside means you’ll have to pay a lot more than you would for an indoor wedding. You’ll need to do some careful math to make sure you can afford a jungle wedding.

  • Safety

You should have a backup plan in place to deal with any potential risks that arise. There are numerous dangers to be found in the bush, particularly at night.

A forest wedding would be a good idea. However, you must think and plan carefully for your big day. We wish you a fantastic wedding.

Photo: Thien Tong Photography

Published by Wedding & Special Event Network Vietnam

The Wedding & Special Event Network Vietnam is founded by an advisory board to establish and uphold the standards of all Wedding & Special Event Planners in Vietnam. Our mission is to support and education to wedding and event planners by promoting their business and connecting them with professional partners and clients across Vietnam.

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