Intimate Wedding

People in Vietnam have been getting married on a frequent basis since the “New Normal”. They choose an Intimate Wedding over a Traditional Wedding, according to the new rule as well as updating recent trends.

What are your thoughts on the Intimate Wedding? In brief, it is a modest party with 20 – 70 people depending on the bride and groom’s circle. The guests will be relatives, very close friends, who really love and want to share every moment with the newlywed.

According to, there used to be an exception where only 6 people may attend a tiny wedding. Even though the number of visitors is limited, the celebration remains joyful since the main purpose is not to plan a spectacular wedding that is discussed and written about in newspapers but to praise and congratulate the couple.

What makes an Intimate Wedding special and trendy? 

  • You can be flexible about the cost

You don’t have to be concerned about the cost of locations, cuisines, or services. You can select an appropriate, pleasant location for your small events. Furthermore, the number of meals is lowered due to the number of visitors, so you won’t have to worry that you are unaffordable. 

  • The quality lies in time and conversation. 

The more time you spend with the guests, the more the celebration will live on in their memories. We don’t need a lavish wedding if we can’t have meaningful conversations with individuals we care about. It is meaningful to hear all of the kind wishes and blessings from all of the key people in your life on your wedding day. As a result, favor a small group with great dialogue over a large crowd without communication.

  • DIY would be fun 

You may decorate everything yourself and save more time for other activities and preparations than a large traditional wedding. Because you are hosting your own celebration, you no longer need to precisely adhere to the common wedding theme.

  • Be significant 

Organizing a pleasant party with your favorite style of music, playing activities you’ve always wished to try at your wedding, raising a toast to your spouse are all options, and sharing love stories between you two (you would not be afraid if it is too personal since the listeners are who you believe in throughout times).

If you make the most of it, the Intimate Wedding will be fantastic. Do not hesitate to create one for yourself. You can refer to the internet or Pinterest for more samples. Hope you enjoy it!

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