What will come with the wedding in 2022

Micro Wedding

The gathering of people at the wedding is always a concern for guests in the unpredictable development of the epidemic. The trend of holding small weddings, with a modest guest size of 40 – 50 people or less will be the choice of many brides and grooms. Micro Wedding is predicted to be an outstanding form of wedding organization after the epidemic season, making it easier for couples to control, limit gatherings and close touch.

Because it is a small-scale wedding, the bride and groom can personalize the wedding party in their own colors. This means that a couple can design thousands of things in their own personal style, in their favorite locations. Guests for the wedding will be quality guests. Holding a small wedding brings a cozy, close and discreet atmosphere. Besides, there are sweet moments, touching moments or fun “forgetting the way home” in the party.

Photo by Thien Tong Photography

Outdoor wedding 

Open space for a wedding is a fantastic concept for couples. Although in Vietnam, this is still a fairly new trend, many young couples have chosen it, especially those who enjoy coming up with new and unique wedding ideas on the big day. Outdoor wedding with ideal space, airy nature, bringing a sense of lightness and comfort to the couple and guests.

Couples will marry at their favorite place. Decorate the wedding party according to your own ideas and style with a bold love story of them. Wedding party at a cool blue beach with white sand, crashing waves, and enjoy a delicious buffet. Or in a green location filled with plants and flowers, turning the wedding party into a “a garden of love”

Minimalist Wedding

A minimalist wedding will be a harmonious and excellent match when coupled with the trend of small weddings. Minimalist wedding trends bring lightness, neatness and coziness. With this form, the couple will save a lot of time and money than a grand wedding.

Organize a minimalist but luxurious wedding party with beautiful party decorations. Couples can think of pure white or soft pastel colors as the main color. Besides, there are decorative items such as wood, fresh flowers, dried flowers, ..

Photo by Thien Tong Photography

Wedding announcement party

For couples who have held an online wedding in the epidemic season, this 2022 will be the trend for a compact wedding party. Because in Vietnam, from the past until now, there is a concept that a wedding ceremony is still more important than marriage registration. Adults think that the wedding is the best way to officially announce the connection between the two families, and their son & daughter getting married. Therefore, even during the epidemic, the families of both sides had some rituals, but after the epidemic, the couples will still have a small celebration party for their family, friends and colleagues, as an official way of communicating the good news.

New elements

Weddings in the years after 2022 will have a marked reduction in the number of guests, due to health and safety factors. Therefore, the trend of bringing technology into the wedding will increase, when the family, the bride and groom want to share the moments of their big day for those who cannot be present at the wedding ceremony. At that time, live broadcast of the wedding ceremony,… will be included in the checklist to prepare.

In addition, as the promotion of vigilance and safety for everyone, the organizers and families must pay more attention to assurance, instructions, safety procedures and hygiene for health, people.

Photo: Thien Tong Photography

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