Top 5 outdoor wedding photography locations in Hanoi

Younger generation nowadays are in trend of taking pre wedding photos outdoors since it helps pictures look good with more vibrant colors, also taking time outside and having pictures together would make nice memories for retaining. And Hanoi, with its old, soft qualities, and traditional values is one of the best places to begin this beautiful and special journey.

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  1. Gươm Lake

Gươm Lake is not only a delightful site to visit, but it’s also a popular spot for bridal and groom couples to create spectacular albums. Ngọc Sơn Temple has established a name for itself in wedding images with strong “Hanoi” hues, thanks to well-known landscapes such as Turtle Tower and the image of Thê Húc Bridge. Because this is a lovely picturesque location, you are free to pose. Turtle Tower stands out in the midst of Hoàn Kiếm Lake, surrounded by green trees and the vermilion Thê Húc Bridge. The scent of decaying leaves coupled with the smell of earth and lake water gives Gươm Lake an old beauty in the autumn weather. Autumn is also when the red sesame blooms begin to stream into the lake, making the image more romantic and attractive.

  1. West Lake

    The largest natural lake in Hanoi’s inner city is West Lake. The region surrounding the lake is rather big, with lovely views and several rows of green trees. Furthermore, when selecting a shooting site in West Lake, you may experiment with various camera angles to get the greatest frames.

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  1. Hanoi’s Old Quarter

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​     Although Hanoi’s Old Quarter is not large, this place always carries with it the very unique beauty of an elegant and pompous Hanoi. Streets in Hàng Đào, Hàng Gai, Hàng Mã…, always shimmering in fanciful lights, will create a dreamy, lyrical scene for the couple’s wedding photos to be more elegant. The best time to take wedding photos in Hanoi’s Old Quarter area is early in the morning or when the sun has just gone out of the shadows to clearly feel the ancient beauty and colors here. Choosing to take photos at these times not only makes your wedding photos more beautiful and shimmering, but also very suitable in terms of space when these are times when the streets are not crowded. Wedding photography in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is very suitable for couples who love traditional Áo Dài costumes, like ancient features, mossy, patchy by time. 

  1. Long Biên Bridge

Long Biên Bridge is an excellent location for couples who want their wedding pictures to have a vintage tone. This is a well-known location in Hanoi, so finding it shouldn’t be too tough. With its ancient beauty, combined with the railway running through, this place becomes even more outstanding. Every moment of the day Long Biên Bridge brings in a different beauty.

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  1. Red river rock beach flower garden

     When the blooming seasons or vacations arrive, Red River Rock Beach has long been a popular place for not just couples looking for saved-cost wedding photographs, but also the majority of Hanoi’s young people. There are many stunning and eye-catching flowers, making this a great wedding photography venue in Hanoi that should not be overlooked.

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