2021 Wedding Season in Vietnam

The year 2021 is about to come to an end with many hardships and challenges because of unpredictable complicated increases in the pandemic. Looking back on the previous year, all aspects of life have been significantly impacted, with incalculable consequences in business, the economy, culture, and society. As a result, the epidemic has had a huge impact on Vietnam’s wedding sector. Let’s look at the wedding market in the last year and guess the coming trends in 2022.

The wedding has few guests, ensuring safety against the epidemic

Traditionally, Vietnamese weddings have had enormous parties at big halls with a minimum of 100 attendees. It is possible to consider such a large-scale organization to be a “party” of the parents rather than a celebration of the newlyweds because even the main character – the bride and the groom are likewise clueless of who attends. They merely need to offer them wine and say thanks. However, in the last two years, the trend of modest weddings has grown in popularity among couples. Only roughly 30 – 50 guests are invited, primarily persons crucial to and closely connected to the bride and groom, and this private wedding is becoming more popular in the pandemic situation.

Overload in providing wedding services

As the epidemic situation became complicated, besides the couples who chose to organize but ensure the prevention of the epidemic, some others chose to postpone the wedding. Delaying the wedding and waiting till the distance is eased, in their opinion, will secure the safety of themselves and their guests. However, in the last months of the year, frequently referred to as the “wedding season,” when the old year meets the new year, wedding ceremonies of the old year are postponed until the end of the year, while the weddings of the new year are tremendous. And it has resulted in an overload of wedding services, particularly after the pandemic’s lessening. 

The mass wedding following social distance has put a strain on everyone involved, including the bride and groom, family on both sides, and notably service workers. The service people must try to find a way to make the wedding of the guests very neat, despite the time being much more urgent than in previous years. Furthermore, the income of enterprises that provide wedding-related services is impacted since they must retain the existing prices, whether the items, goods tend to be more expensive. To maintain quality, these businesses must also limit the  number of consumers they accept.

Online Wedding

When the bride and groom’s families are located in separate areas, it is impossible to meet to perform conventional ceremonies. But online weddings, it links all the necessities via selected online software. Both the bride and groom, as well as the team, have meticulously prepared equipment, scripts. The wedding space is their house or even room and those are still decorated but in a greatly simplified way.

Online weddings have the benefit of being quick and compact; the ceremony only lasts roughly 15-20 minutes, saving money and relieving the bride and groom of unnecessary stress while also ensuring the safety of the disease. The drawback is that there is limited contact between the two families, it is difficult for the bride and groom to experience all of the affection of the parents on both sides, and it is tough to go through all of the traditional rituals and weddings.

Destination Wedding

The trend of destination weddings has spread around the world. Despite the fact that it has only been in Vietnam for a short time, it has quickly become the preferred choice of many couples. The bride and groom will have a romantic space and resort with family and close friends. 

Wedding tourism has grown increasingly popular as a result of its several advantages over typical weddings, such as delivering many new experiences, diverse costs, simple organization, beautiful memories, and reducing stress in the wedding preparation process. This is an “all-in-one” pastime that every couple strives for. The Destination Wedding trend, with a relatively modest number of guests, will be an acceptable alternative for couples who prefer a private and personal wedding ceremony. Couples seeking a trendy and bold aesthetic would also benefit greatly from a Destination Wedding. Creative and organizational freedom activities will be an exceedingly exciting experience due to the property of entirely eliminating the gap in traditional rituals.

Wedding in quarantine

Particularly in Vietnam, the wedding ceremony becomes even more interesting with the wedding in the area having the order of social distance. Specifically, some localities closely manage the organization of weddings and banquets, so the organization faces many difficulties. Some couples, however, came up with the notion of taking gifts to the isolated area in order to fulfill the fundamental wedding ceremonies. If the bride’s house is in the isolation zone.

Also, there was a wedding where the groom’s family went to the area of ​​the girl’s house but were not allowed to go through because they had just been isolated. With the desire to still complete the basic rituals of the wedding, on the set auspicious day, the two families had to give gifts right at the isolation fence, some couples had to go back on another occasion.

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