Tourism is gradually establishing its position in Vietnam as more businesses and international investment sources approach this economic sector. With significant potential, the tourism industry has been positioned as one of Vietnam’s important economic sectors since 2001. However, many difficult challenges arise in reality, and the government and local authorities must devise adequate strategies so that the tourist sector may actually become a potential leading part in the economy. And the National Tourism Year is one of the activities that contribute to increased tourism demand and promote Vietnam as a rich and diversified tourist destination. 

National Tourism Year plays a major role in cultural, economic, and social events of Vietnam’s tourism industry on the international scale that is sponsored yearly by the locals. The qualities, attractiveness, and potential of tourism development of areas in particular, and of Vietnam in general, are introduced and promoted to locally and abroad visitors through tourism year activities. Since its inception in 2003, the National Tourism Year has spent 19 years promoting Vietnam’s tourism to both domestic and international travelers.

However, in the last two years, the COVID-19 epidemic has hindered the development of Vietnam’s tourist industry in general, and most notably in Ninh Binh, the host of the National Tourism Year 2021. However, with the spirit of support and encouragement for Vietnam’s tourism sector to be more stable, to develop together, to achieve a breakthrough once the epidemic is controlled to become a safe, pleasant, and appealing destination for travelers. Ninh Binh has been actively promoting the National Tourism Year as well as cultural values, history, resources, and tourism products, promoting tourism development of Ninh Binh province, and contributing to the recovery and development of the country’s tourism industry after being severely impacted by the pandemic.

Quang Nam will host the 2022 National Tourism Year, continuing the objective of stimulating demand and promoting Vietnam’s tourism. With the theme “Green Tourism,” Quang Nam is gradually putting in great efforts and aims toward the goal of sustainable development associated with environmental protection, conservation and promotion of cultural values, community cultural history, and natural landscape. In addition, the authorities plan to orient the “Green Tourism” for Quang Nam next year because its image has always been related to the typical old town image, so “putting on new clothes” here is a necessity. Mr. Le Ngoc Thuan, owner of Deckhouse An Bang restaurant in Hoi An, believes that green tourism, in addition to conventional tourism, would be the trend of the future. “It’s not just a green tourism destination; it’s also a product linked to wasted recycling and environmental protection”, Mr. Thuan explained. Two years ago, intertwined with the epidemic, Mr. Thuan tinkered, constructed, and developed additional souvenirs and decorations made of flooded wood such as bowls, plates, lanterns, animals… and originally brought favorable consequences.

It can be seen that, through several documents issued and implemented in Quang Nam, stakeholders are directing green tourism to contribute to the expansion and development of new and appealing tourist destinations, contributing to the diversity of tourist destinations, meeting the needs of guests, and promoting and spreading the Quang Nam green tourism brand.

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