Marry X-mas

Although Christmas is not a traditional Vietnamese holiday, we all have certain sentiments and respect for this December event. In the frigid temperatures of winter, Christmas generates warmth and intimacy. It involves bringing us closer. Most importantly, this is a chance for couples to take a greater step forward in their relationship. Many marriage ceremonies are held at the end of the year. So, what makes the Christmas Eve wedding even more special?


When selecting a particular holiday to commemorate a significant life milestone, you must make outstanding decisions. On Christmas Day, everyone will spend time with family and their loved ones, therefore you should make the announcement as soon as possible so that they can plan to attend and share the joy with the bride and groom. Christmas does not have to be pompous, so you can simply celebrate it in a location where loved ones may gather and bless the couple. The wedding card, in particular – “little but powerful” – will actively promote your wedding party. As an outcome, carefully design the Christmas-themed card: the main tone is red, mixed with a little gold and green, so that the Christmas mood and wedding spirit are conveyed to the receiver.


Color will be the first feature that impresses guests when they attend the ceremony. It would be ideal if the primary colors were red, yellow, and green. Contrary to the traditional wedding colors: white, silver, and pink, Christmas weddings with hot colors will create warmth and joy. Addition to the virtual light, it will resonate throughout the room. Yellow light has a significantly more romantic mood than blue light. The green tablecloth adorned with red flowers will be a strong point in the eyes of the guests. We can also add further touches to the Christmas atmosphere by lighting an extra yellow candle to make the table sparkle. Besides Christmas trees, Christmas is also known for the presence of mistletoe. They were once included in the proverb “a kiss under the mistletoe.” Mistletoe is said to represent love and passion. As a result, the pair will experience perfect love when kissing under the mistletoe. Furthermore, the wedding cake plays an important role in the dinner party. We get used to the image of pure white cake in traditional weddings. However, a Christmas wedding will be beautiful and delicate if the wedding cake is white and red. Wedding flowers might include bouquets of hydrangeas or peonies. Red roses, which have a beautiful red hue and the symbolism of “everlasting love,” are another excellent choice for the Christmas season. Instead of a giant flower box, a Christmas tree standing out in the midst of the bridal room will score high points for guests. 


When the wedding ceremony begins, the bride and groom will be the center of attention in their magnificent, shimmering costumes, which would be far more remarkable if the garments they both wear are themed after Christmas. The bride might pick a marvelous red wedding dress with a pure white hue. Adding crimson accessories or pins to the groom’s attire will accentuate the main character as well as blend in with the whole event.

Overall, the Christmas Eve Wedding will be a pleasant experience and an interesting concept for couples organizing a significant event in their lives. With the recommendations above, I hope that everyone can decorate and plan a great celebration. Merry Christmas!

Published by Wedding & Special Event Network Vietnam

The Wedding & Special Event Network Vietnam is founded by an advisory board to establish and uphold the standards of all Wedding & Special Event Planners in Vietnam. Our mission is to support and education to wedding and event planners by promoting their business and connecting them with professional partners and clients across Vietnam.

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