Meet Co-Founder: Jenny Duong Vu Hoang Anh

Meet Jenny Duong Vu Hoang Anh, born & raised in Hanoi, Wedding & Party Planner – Co-Founder of Wedding & Special Events Network Vietnam.

Jenny has been known as one of Vietnam’s wedding celebrities when it comes to destination weddings and event planning.

Graduated from Foreign Trade University Hanoi, then started off her career in various roles in marketing and media, from Vietnam’s national television VTV to become a marketing specialist for a food magazine, Jenny’s adventurous mind never stop to wonder: “What’s next!?

The day came when Jenny coincidentally captured a career opportunity to become a wedding planner for a wedding company in Ko Samui, Thailand.

Ain’t no roses without thorns. The beginning was tough. Jenny spent her first 3 months on unpaid work as a trade-off in order to experience and learn. After a thousand emails being sent, hundreds of small tasks taken and a few dozen of big tasks accomplished, Jenny eventually became a wedding planner by definition in Ko Samui, known as one of Southeast Asia’s top wedding destinations.

Back in Vietnam, where she doesn’t face so much competition with her peers but rather in competition with her own: “How to make Vietnam to become a unique spot in the world map for wedding destinations?”

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Meet Jenny – Duong Vu Hoang Anh

Wedding Specialist | Party Planner

Published by Wedding & Special Event Network Vietnam

The Wedding & Special Event Network Vietnam is founded by an advisory board to establish and uphold the standards of all Wedding & Special Event Planners in Vietnam. Our mission is to support and education to wedding and event planners by promoting their business and connecting them with professional partners and clients across Vietnam.

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